Hands-on review: CES2014: Panasonic TZ60/ZS40

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Panasonic’s TZ series of small cams is actually a largely respected choice for travelers and also the brand-new TZ60/ZS40 sits at the top of the selection.

The firm has actually made some substantial modifications for the most up to date upgrade, adding a digital viewfinder, extending the zoom range to 30x, improving AF performance, enhancing photo stabilisation, incorporating a command wedding band around the contact and making it possible for fresh files to become videotaped.

Nonetheless, in order to try to keep costs down, this has actually gotten rid of the touchscreen.


Like the TZ40, the TZ60 has an 18-million-pixel sensor, but our team’re told this’s a new tool for boosted photo quality.

For lots of, the very most considerable enhancement in order to the TZ60′s feature set will definitely be actually the digital viewfinder. This 0.2-inch, 200,000-dot device is actually practically the same as the system in the Panasonic LF1, but this has two lenses instead compared to one in order to reduce chromatic difference as well as typically boost image top quality.

Yet another vital improvement considering that the TZ40 (which still proceeds in the range for a while) is the extension of the zoom range from 20x to 30x. This implies that the TZ60′s lens possesses a central span range substitute to a 24-720mm contact on a full-frame camera. This ought to make this a lot more extremely versatile, capable to fire inside cramped interiors and file distant details.

According to Panasonic, image premium from the TZ60 at the biggest factor of the lens is comparable to, or perhaps much better in comparison to, that from the TZ40 at its longest aspect (480mm equivalent). This has been attained through strengthening the optics in the lens, which currently possesses 12 aspects in nine teams. These operate mechanically as 6 groups.

Panasonic has also enhanced the TZ60′s five-axis Optical Photo Stablizing (OIS) unit using balls instead of rods in order to relocate the OIS component. This develops the correction smoother. Subsequently, OIS functionality is raised by 0.5 EV, permitting images to become had handheld at around 3EV slower shutter rates in comparison to usual.

There’s additionally a brand new Amount Chance purpose that instantly repairs pitching perspectives. This is thought to correct by as much as around 40 degrees, but our team are awaiting verification.

As in the past, the TZ60 has actually Wi-Fi connection constructed to allow wireless transmission of pictures and push-button control of the camera via Panasonic’s complimentary app.

Panasonic TZ60

Each NFC and QR regulation modern technology appear in order to accelerate connection to a tablet or even phone. The NFC unit has been enhanced in order to create this quicker and offer increased array.

Autofocus speed has additionally been enhanced, with the readout performance from the sensing unit increasing from 120fps in order to 240fps. In add-on, hands-on concentration is actually readily available on the TZ60 and also for the 1st time emphasis peaking has actually been actually offered in a sleek video camera. As in Panasonic G-series cameras, this highlights locations of best comparison (usually the sharpest locations) in the EVF or LCD to create it much easier in order to center physically. It is actually also possible to find concentrating coming to a head on the display of a mobile phone or tablet when using Panasonic’s remote app.

Like the TZ40, the TZ60 has GPS as well as GLONASS modern technology for much better area recording.

While a lot of cams have framework shows to aid design, Panasonic has actually gone a measure further for the TZ60 with the add-on of bent and also angled quick guides.

Panasonic’s Creative Controls exist (15 in total) and also they may be used for stills and video recording or even administered post-capture using the Retouch component. That’s also feasible in order to utilize 14 of the effects in Creative Panoramic mode.

According to Panasonic, all the improvements to the TZ60 have actually been carried out without lessening battery life. This is actually most likely aided using the removal of the touchscreen. In addition, the cam is actually asked for via a USB hookup.

Develop as well as managing

Although that’s not greatly higher the TZ40, the TZ60 looks and experiences only a little far more substantial as well as better. It looks really good in both variants – dark or perhaps dark and gun-metal.

The new camera likewise believes good in the palms –– much better than the TZ40. The slim strip or even rubber on the front and the tiny thumbpad on the rear create this much more at ease in order to secure, so that believes balanced used. As previously, all the commands are actually within simple scope.

Even with the significant increase in the zoom array of the contact the TZ60 concerns the same dimension as the TZ40, since the stabilisation component in the contact moves out of the technique in order to enable the cylinder to break down in to the camera physique. Consequently, the cam continues to be portable.

The band around the lens thinks effectively helped make as well as has simply the right level of pressure. A choice in the food selection permits audible clicks to become made to feedback when alternatives are picked.

Pressing the Q. Food selection button discloses the choices offered for selection using the band (aperture, level of sensitivity, results, aspect percentage, and also white harmony using nonpayment, however they are customisable). These are navigated by left as well as best navigation solutions. Once the wanted one is actually chosen the wedding band is actually made use of to select the correct choice.

Our company’ve merely made use of a pre-production sample of the TZ60 therefore far, however that appears like an extremely really good system. The band supplies a quick as well as effortless means of changing settings whether the cam is secured to the eye or even the LCD monitor is being utilized.

Though tiny, the digital viewfinder gives a certain view as well as it are going to be actually a major incentive for many professional photographers –– specifically those shooting in vivid problems when the LCD photo may be challenging to find. A viewfinder is especially useful when making use of a contact at it lengthiest factor simply because it’s a lot easier in order to keep that constant as well as to find your pinpoint with the camera kept in order to examination.


Panasonic’s TZ set has thrilled us previously and also we are actually enthusiastic that the provider has actually been able in order to keep image superior in the most current offering.

As however we have actually simply made use of a pre-production sampling, however the automatic centering appeared quickly and also accurate, even in the low-light issues our company had the ability to make use of the camera in.

Our team possess no need to doubt that the TZ60 will make images that are equally as well made vulnerable as the TZ40 with the exact same lively colours. Naturally we will definitely investigate this completely when our company buy a review sampling in for screening.

Early judgment

While this is actually a little unsatisfactory that Panasonic has actually carried out away with the touchscreen, the addition of the contact ring, biting file recording as well as the electronic viewfinder (EVF) create the TZ60 seem an even more substantial camera compared to the TZ40. The EVF should produce the camera much easier and also additional pleasurable to use in a large range of situations, while the lens wedding band provides a simple and effortless method of control.

The TZ range has been actually prominent, especially with visitors, but the addition of bleak documents recording ought to offer it greater draw in order to fanatic photographers trying to find a ‘carry-everywhere’ cam. That offers all of them considerably greater management over their photos and also the capacity to personalize noise decline if required.

On the face of it, the TZ60 appears like the camera that bunches of existing TZ owners will definitely would like to improve to. Our company’re awaiting testing a full-production sampling in the around future.

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